Since 2008 we run a company called Doorsafe. In the past 10 years, we have sold many internet connected doorbells. We started selling them, long before big brands like Ring started selling doorbells and was bought by Amazon for 1 billion Dollars.

In the past 10 years we have build up a lot of knowledge about internet doorbells and the doorbell market. Our research shows very clear: internet connected doorbells suck. The main issue is: they are not reliable enough and they give you no privacy.

The reliability is low because they rely on internet connections. And they use a lot of data to make the video call. And in too many situations, the WiFi signal at the front door is not strong enough, or the internet connection to the house is too slow, or the wireless signal of the smartphone is not strong or fast enough.

Because of these reasons, with internet connected doorbells, owners of internet doorbells are missing visitors, like deliveries of the products that they bought online.

The internet of things is just not the best idea for a doorbell, because in the end a doorbell needs to be reliable.

Of every person that rings your doorbell, you will want to receive a call. Without exception. And internet doorbells do not give you just that. Owners of internet doorbells are missing visitors because too many factors need to be perfect for them to be 100% reliable.

And maybe even more important: internet connected doorbells are more and more, a great way to spy on you, by big tech companies and governments. They listen to what you say, and they look through your camera and the recordings that it makes. And they use AI and facial recognition to learn and store all about who you are. Recordings are also actively shared with Police and other law enforcement agencies.

We as Germans learned from our terrible past and advise you: stop this massive collecting of data. Do not let all this data about you get in to the hands of big tech companies and governments. Because if they turn bad, you will lose your freedom, and things can turn very bad, very fast.

That’s why we developed this new doorbell. This doorbell keeps it safe and simple. And this doorbell does not need an internet connection. It has a SIM card inside, just like the one inside your phone. And it will call you, via the very reliable telephone network. With this product will give you comfort, you will not miss a visitor and your privacy can not be compromised.

We made this doorbell super easy to use: just press the button, a chime will always ring and you will receive a telephone call, no matter where you are. So you can talk to who is in front of your door. Even when you are inside you garden, walking your dog, or visiting your neighbours. Or when you are just being too lazy to get up, and walk to your front door, after a long day of work.

Installing is this product is easy. You just need to connect 2 wires for power and you can use the wires that already exist.

Programming is easy too. This is all done by sending simple text messages. So there is no need for an app with another user account.

You can add many different telephone numbers. And you can set the time before it will call the next number. And in the market there are even solutions available to make multiple phones ring at the same time.

With the unlock module inside this doorbell, by sending a text message with a secret code that you can set, you can even open a door lock or gate.

We call this product: the KISS doorbell. Because it Keeps It Safe and Simple.

We have already developed a working prototype. And now we want to start production. For this we need funding. So please pre-order this product. And show us that you want this product:

The KISS doorbell.

A doorbell so safe,
and easy to use.

You will want to KISS it! 😉